Silver lining to RRP Rule

national just published an article in their journal about Levco Builders and the president Joe Levitch. it explains how Levitch has taken the EPA title X rule for controlling lead based paint hazards. Currently all in pre-1978 homes and child occupied facilities are required to be considered leaded unless tested and proven to not contain lead. The rule goes on to dictate how remodeling and or disturbing lead based paint activities are conducted. The national uproar over unfunded mandates and onerous tasks that are cost prohibited is fueling a pretty ferocious backlash against the EPA. The article explains how Levitch is turning the situation into a positive. Lead Locators, was born out of frustration over expensive XRF testing in an effort to provide the contractors in the region low cost testing, rapid turnaround and education. The article that is due out in a few days will be posted when available. In the mean time Levitch has been asked by a local building official to write Boise mayor David Bieter to add lines in the residential remodeling application for age of home and if pre 1978, then certified firm number. As the turmoil broils Levitch plans to concentrate on discovering a forum to sharing Best Management Practices BMP’s for dealing with lead once it is discovered and trying to refocus the national attention on applying the rule to real life situations. Convincing the contractor on the street why eliminating lead paint dust as a result of remodeling is so important. “Cost is what you pay, Value is what you get.” Taking care to eliminate lead based paint dust is a very high value to the clients, whether they realize it is another story altogether.

First Post

This is my first attempt at a blog I have lots to say about the topic and finally found an outlet for my creativity and concern for healthy homes. My initial concern is for Lead Safe Housing