Know Your LSWP’s

New links to EPA Information

The EPA has identified that there was a problem with getting reliable information out to those that want to use contractors that are certified firms. here is the new link to Certified Firms. I discovered that my firm was not correct and had to make a phone call to correct it. Fortunately it only took […]

OSHA and Lead

Occupational Health & Safety Administration OSHA has a set of rules that has been around long before RRP that is designed to protect workers. The EPA’s RRP rule is to protect the environment and the health of the occupants and HUD has its rule to deal with housing. I posted a nice piece on the […]

Garage doors and RRP

Old Garage Door I recently received my second request for clarifying the RRP rules. A Boise Idaho contractor who specializes in garage door replacement was unclear about the proper cleaning of a garage post deconstruction. Fortunately he was directed to me by a fellow NARI contractor who understands my ability to untangle these sorts of […]