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Leaded Child event review

On or about 12-23-2010 I received an alarming call from a mother of a 4 year old girl from Northern Idaho that started out with a request to borrow my XRF analyzer to find out what was causing her child to be lead poisoned. generic child I asked how her child was and she went […]

Lead in Ceramic Tiles and Tubs

There has been lots of chatter about lead in tiles and if RRP includes precautions for dealing with proper protections. I finally got a “Forever For Now” straight answer to the million dollar question. It is my long held belief the lead in tiles and other components which is found with XRF technology,  is a […]

NARI Letter to the EPA

I was fortunate enough to be allowed a guest blog on Sean Mccaden’s RRPedia site and received plenty of responses some of which made sense and others not. One of the most interesting comments came in the form of a video clip from Fox News “The Sky is Falling Channel” in the piece they interview […]